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MikroTik hAP WiFi Router WISP Mode Configuration [hAP Series] May 26, 2019 AP Controller (CAPsMAN) - RouterOS - MikroTik Most MikroTik AP devices already support CAP mode out of the box, all you need to do, is make sure they are on the same network as your CAPsMAN, and then boot them up, while holding the reset button. Examples Basic configuration with master and slave interface. Create security profile for WPA2 PSK, without specifying passphrase: Configuration for Mikrotik Routerboard (RouterOS Jan 14, 2020 MikroTik - L2TP Configuration - The Network Berg

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On the prompt screen, enter the MikroTik default password login information. • Username: admin • Password: (empty) After a successful login, the MikroTik Ethernet Quick Set page will be displayed. Quickset is a configuration wizard page that alows you to prepare a router in a few clicks.

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