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To create the stunnel.pem in the /etc/stunnel directory, you need to create one. The following command prompts you for the necessary information. Ensure you reply to the Common Name (FQDN of your server) [localhost]: prompt with the name or IP address you will be using to access the service(s). Using Stunnel to Secure MySQL Database | K&T Host Stunnel is a program that allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP connections inside SSL. Stunnel can also allow you to secure non-SSL aware daemons and protocols (like POP, IMAP, LDAP, etc) by having Stunnel provide the encryption, requiring no changes to the daemon's code. AWS Developer Forums: Stunnel errors related to PEM file It appears, Ubuntu is fussy about what stunnel you use. you should be using stunnel4. Please refer to https://www.siamnet.org/Wiki/Ubuntu-SettingUpStunnel Using Stunnel to add ssl to shoutcast | InterServer

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Secure Communication with Stunnel. By Barry O'Donovan. 1. Introduction Stunnel is an SSL encryption wrapper that allows what are normally plain text and insecure communications to be encrypted during transmission. Stunnel recently went through some major changes and the current version (4.x) has a completely different architecture than previous versions.

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SSL Tunnel Using Stunnel and Squid Proxy Server. Contribute to 3p3r/squid-stunnel-proxy development by creating an account on GitHub. Stunnel - Manual Usage cert = stunnel.pem client = yes [ssmtp] accept = 8004 connect = smtp.mail.microsoftonline.com:587 protocol = smtp [spop3] accept = 9004 connect = pop.mail.microsoftonline.com:995 (Let us know if you require a configuration file for a different TLS/SSL email server) Examine the Stunnel configuration files.