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Discussion of public & private trackers Mar 02, 2010 Torrent Tracker List (Public vs Private Trackers) Best Torrent Tracker List (300 Trackers!) If you copy and paste the mega-list below of torrent trackers into your torrent client software, this will often speed up your torrent downloading, sometimes by a lot.. Why? Well, the more public torrent trackers your torrent software is checking, the better the coordination we talked about above and the faster your torrents will download. Beyond the Pirate Bay: What Is a Private BitTorrent Tracker? Sep 26, 2019 What's a Private BitTorrent Tracker, and Why Should I Use One?

Jan 15, 2020 · How to add a torrent tracker in uTorrent and other programs? Every torrent download program works a bit different. But luckily, adding a list of torrent trackers is quite easy in all of them. I will give an example for one popular download program: uTorrent. In uTorrent, right click on the desired torrent file which is downloading.

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If you can't download torrents at high speed or cannot see any seeds than probably some of the torrent trackers listed in your .torrent file are down. Adding trackers to your torrent downloads won't speed up your torrents notable but generates even more load on these trackers.

Top Torrent Tracker List 2018 - April - 100% Working Mar 29, 2018 Top 10 Best Torrent Sites Working July 2020 | Popular The Pirate Bay. As the King of Torrents, The Pirate Bay attracts everyone who has been seeking the … CzTorrent - 1. CZ Free Torrent Tracker Free czech torrent tracker. CzTorrent - 1. CZ Free Torrent Tracker - Menu. Hlavní UTorrent Pro Crack 3.5.5 Build 45704 Stable For PC