Feb 04, 2019

The 'Disk Monitor' GUI module is a dedicated disk monitoring module showing the list of logical disks in the computer and displaying the disk activity, the disk space usage, the disk free space, the disk transfer rate, the disk read transfer rate, the disk write transfer rate, the disk IOPS rate, the disk read IOPS rate and the disk write IOPS rate for the currently selected logical disk. DiskLED - A Flexible Hard Disk and General System Activity Oct 19, 2009 How to Check Disk Activity (sar -d) (System Administration Display disk activity statistics with the sar -d command. $ sar -d 00:00:00 device %busy avque r+w/s blks/s avwait avserv 01:00:00 fd0 0 0.0 0 0 0.0 0.0: The table below describes the disk devices activities reported by the -d option. Note that queue lengths and wait times are … Monitoring disk activity during recovery

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