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THOMSON TG784 SETUP AND USER MANUAL Pdf Download | … If your Thomson Gateway has a black port labelled PSTN, you must connect this port to the telephone output of your DSL filter or splitter to allow analogue phone calls with the same telephone set that you use for VoIP calls. Page 37: Installing The Thomson Dect Usb Adapter Thomson TG585v7 Thomson Gateway Router - port forward Thomson Gateway - Thomson Gateway THOMSON TG585v7 Thomson Gateway Information Configuration Event Logs Broadband Connection Toolbox Home Network [ Administrator ] Help Home > Thomson Gateway Thomson Gateway Information Product Name: TG585v7 Serial Number: Software Release: Configuration Service Name: Be Standard (modified by user) Time Since Power-on: 0 … I can't open ports in my thomsonTG789vn router in sbs 2008

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TLDR: the thomson/technicolor router alg is messing up the game's udp connection (port 3074). To fix it unbind the CONE(UDP) application helper with following cli command "connection unbind application=CONE(UDP) port=3074" --- I work for an isp (1st lvl support customer service). We use a lot of different modem/routers.

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